SWIFT Institute Student Challenge

Financial Solutions from the Next Generation

The Challenge is: How to raise the level of cybersecurity for applications and/or data from sophisticated attacks?

And the winner is…Team Veracity! Congratulations to Isabel Angela Aldaba, Kevin Liu, Tyler Tep and Yun Zhao from George Mason University and Dustin Nguyen from University of Virginia.

They were announced as the 2020 champions of the Student Challenge live on SibosTV – Veracity!

Congratulations to all our challenge finalists: Hendrik de Ruiter, Asaf Bar-Ilan, Elnaz Farbod, Amulya Singh and Dillon Toramall. You all did an amazing job, and it has been great to have you participate in Sibos!

Meet Team Veracity from George Mason University and University of Virginia:

 2020 Team Veracity  – Congratulations! 



Previous winners of the Student Challenge: