SWIFT Institute Student Challenge

Financial Solutions from the Next Generation

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In 2022,  the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge, with the support of the Global Business School Network, came to Latin America!  Hosting the competition in Colombia, and Mexico where the challenges have been defined by and have the support of the Colombian (ASOBancaria) and Mexican (ABM) banking associations.

We are proud to announce this year’s winners!

SWIFT Institute Student Challenge Colombia –  How to implement digital banking agents through E-Commerce Apps?

 Alejandra Guerrero Aguirre and Juliana Matallana, Universidad la Sabana

SWIFT Institute Student Challenge Mexico – How can banks foster financial inclusion in Mexico by combining remittances inflows and new technologies?

Vanessa Mardueño Zepeda, Universidad de Guadalajara

Congratulations to these and all the students who took part in this year’s challenge!  As you all demonstrated remarkable innovative ideas to the global Sibos audience.

Previous winners of the Student Challenge: