02 October 2017

Sharing Insider Threat Indicators: Leveraging SWIFT’s Messaging Platform to Combat Cyber Fraud

Communicating cyber fraud: identifying patterns of behaviour through use of SWIFT messaging platform.

Cyber actors are operating under a shared services model giving them access to infrastructure, tools, targets and the ability to monetise their exploits. As a result, organisations across industries must enhance communication channels to share threat information in order to pre-empt cyber fraud schemes. This requires both an ability to identify the patterns of behaviour that indicate cyber fraud activity is occurring and a platform for communicating potential threat information.

The report “Sharing Insider Threat Indicators: Leveraging SWIFT’s Messaging Platform to Combat Cyber Fraud” focuses on identifying the patterns of behaviour typically indicative of efforts by criminals to use insiders to cash out on fraudulent activity. The objective of this research is to explore the potential for organisations to use an existing telecommunication platform, such as SWIFT, to communicate cyber fraud threat information by establishing indicators of cashout behaviour, which could warn of cyber fraud activity.


by Casey D. Evans, Elizabeth M. Petrie

  • American Unversity's Kogod School of Business
  • Citigroup Inc.

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