12 July 2019

Cyber Resilience and Financial Organizations: A Capacity-building Tool Box

The SWIFT Institute awarded a grant to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to create a toolkit to help financial institutions enhance their cyber security. The result is the Cyber Resilience and Financial Organizations: A Capacity-building Tool Box, which consists of six easy-to-use guides and checklists that provide senior management at financial institutions with actionable measures to improve their organisation’s cyber security. The tool box exists in seven languages and is based on existing frameworks, policies, and standards from around the globe (including SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme). While relevant to all financial institutions, it has been designed primarily for less cyber-mature and smaller organisations, many of whom tend to be constrained by fewer resources and often less experience.

The tool box can be downloaded in its entirety as a single document. You can also download an Executive Summary, Supplementary Report, Guides and Checklists as individual documents. All of the documents are available in English. The Guides and Checklists are also available in Arabic, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Download the Executive Summary here.

Download the full Toolbox here.

Download the Supplementary Report here.

You can watch Kathryn Taylor explain the tool box in the video below



by Kathryn Taylor, Tim Maurer

  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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