02 October 2017

Mapping the Cyber Threat Landscape for Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity: Mapping and understanding the future cyber threat landscape for Financial Institutions.

Protecting financial networks not only requires financial institutions to improve the security of their own systems, but to change the security balance of the entire internet environment. Cyber threats to financial institutions increasingly come from insecure low-cost mobile and IoT devices outside their own networks. This requires new approaches to defence, including developing new authentication and monitoring technologies for bank networks, and supporting the development of security solutions for these new devices outside the banks’ own networks. Improving cybercrime education and awareness for new internet users in the developing world and supporting efforts to build law enforcement capacity to combat cybercrime around the world is also critical.

Many financial institutions recognise the growing risks of cybercrime and are investing in their cyber defences, but as changes in the attack surface, attacker incentives, and defences evolve, so will the threats. The paper “Forces Shaping the Cyber Threat Landscape for Financial Institutions” aims to provide an understanding of the forces that shape the threat landscape that are essential for financial institutions to get ahead and stay ahead of their adversaries in cyberspace.

by William A Carter

  • CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies)