10 October 2022

Duplicate Financing: What is it, how can we resolve it, and how does it contribute to the trade finance gap?

Read about duplicate financing in trade finance; what it is, and how it impacts the real economy.

Duplicate financing is a significant fraud challenge for financing institutions, one that they find difficult to detect and prevent, mainly due to the fact that they operate in information silos.

This SWIFT Institute commissioned briefing paper, authored by Dr Ramandeep K. Chhina, examines the issue of duplicate financing fraud in trade finance. It discusses the concept of duplicate financing, along with its implications for the real economy and its role in widening the trade finance gap. The paper outlines potential approaches or solutions to address duplicate financing fraud and highlights the digitalisation of trade finance as a key strategy.

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by Ramandeep K. Chhina

  • Heriot-Watt University