02 October 2017

The Cyber Security Ecosystem: Defining a Taxonomy of Existing, Emerging and Future Cyber Threats

Establishing a common language for cybersecurity to help deal with cyber threats and enable meaningful discussion of these threats between organisations.

Despite high-profile cases in the media and the push from government agencies and industry groups, the importance of understanding cyber threats and the associated risks are still not widely known (or at least not widely communicated within organisations). Adopting these models across industries would enhance our understanding of cyber security and enable organisations to improve communication, coordination, governance and recovery when managing cyber security.

The paper, “The Cyber Security Ecosystem: Defining a Taxonomy of Existing, Emerging and Future Cyber Threats”, presents a new Cyber Threat Taxonomy, Cyber Attack Taxonomy and Knowledge-based Cyber Resilience Framework. These taxonomies are built upon the result of a systematic literature review and empirical research, which provides an overview of the cyber security ecosystem. They incorporate the most up-to-date understanding of ‘cyber harm’ as an attempt to facilitate a more incisive understanding of Value at Risk in Cyberspace (VaRiC).

by Jason Ferdinand, Richard Benham

  • Coventry University
  • ISKM ltd

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