SWIFT Institute sponsored research freely available for you to disseminate as you like.

Industry Preparedness for Accelerated Settlement

Institution(s): ISITC Europe CIC, London Institute of Banking and Finance, Ulster University Business School

by Anthony Gandy, Daniel Broby, Gary Wright, Mark Durkin, Tony Freeman

This paper discusses the progress made towards T+1 and instantaneous settlement in financial markets, and industry preparedness for such a change. We cover the various equity settlement technologies and analyse...

SWIFT Institute: Investigating cybersecurity risk minimisation practices across Africa

Institution(s): United States International University in Kenya

Read how institutions in Africa are responding to cybersecurity threats through detective and preventative measures, the implementation of Information Security Polices and the adoption of frameworks to streamline their cyber-risk...

Defining Digital Assets

Institution(s): Loughborough University

by Alistair Milne

Read the story of digital assets: where they came from, what they are now and what they may become in the future. This SWIFT Institute sponsored briefing paper examines digital...

Lessons in private-private financial information sharing to detect and disrupt crime

Institution(s): Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

by Nick Maxwell

This research commission by the Swift Institute and written by Nick Maxwell, Head of the RUSI Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS) programme, highlights the impact of platforms that allow...

Central Bank Digital Currencies and International Payments

Institution(s): Loughborough University, Manchester Business School

by Alistair Milne, Chusu He, Markos Zachariadis

Read about what counts as a central bank digital currency (CBDC), and the nature of the CBDC opportunity in international payments. Central banks worldwide are examining closely the new digital...

Digital Assets and Markets: A transaction-cost analysis of market architectures

Institution(s): Macquarie University, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Wilfred Laurier University

by Angelo Aspris, Anne Haubo Dyhrberg, Sean Foley, Talis J. Putnins

This report examines the market landscape for digital assets, including digitally recorded traditional securities and cryptographically secured tokens that represent the building blocks of the future tokenized economy. It shows...

The Future of Transaction Monitoring: Better ways to detect and disrupt financial crime

Institution(s): Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

by Matthew R. Redhead

New SWIFT Institute sponsored research analyses the current financial transaction-monitoring model and provides a look to the future of systemic monitoring. The surveillance of client transactions by financial institutions, known...

Cyber Resilience and Financial Organizations: A Capacity-building Tool Box – 2021

Institution(s): Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

by Kathryn Taylor, Tim Maurer

The SWIFT Institute continues to partner with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to bring you this updated  toolkit to help financial institutions enhance their cyber security. The result is...

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