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Duplicate Financing: What is it, how can we resolve it, and how does it contribute to the trade finance gap?

Institution(s): Heriot-Watt University

by Ramandeep K. Chhina

Read about duplicate financing in trade finance; what it is, and how it impacts the real economy. Duplicate financing is a significant fraud challenge for financing institutions, one that they...

Central Bank Digital Currency and International Payments

Institution(s): Alliance Business School; Manchester University, School of Business and Economics; Loughborough University, School of Management; University of Bath

by Alistair Milne, Chusu He, Markos Zachariadis

Read about what counts as a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the nature of the CBDC opportunity in international payments. Central banks worldwide are examining closely the new digital...

Lessons in private-private financial information sharing to detect and disrupt crime

Institution(s): FFIS (The Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing), Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

by Nick Maxwell

Most countries do not allow information sharing between financial institutions for ‘anti-money laundering’ (AML) purposes. This undermines the ability to detect networks of money laundering that span across multiple financial...

Defining Digital Assets

Institution(s): Loughborough University School of Business

by Alistair Milne

Read the story of digital assets: where they came from, what they are now and what they may become in the future. This SWIFT Institute sponsored briefing paper examines digital...

Open banking as a catalyst for industry transformation

Institution(s): University of Manchester, University of Oxford

by Markos Zachariadis, Pinar Ozcan

Read how open banking and PSD2 regulation has helped put customers first, kick started incumbent innovation efforts and lowered the barrier to entry for smaller institutions. New research commissioned by...

The Future of Transaction Monitoring: Better ways to detect and disrupt financial crime

Institution(s): Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

by Matthew R. Redhead

New research commissioned by the SWIFT Institute analyses the current financial transaction-monitoring model, and suggests opportunities for the future. The surveillance of client transactions by financial institutions, known as transaction...

Cyber Resilience and Financial Organizations: A Capacity-building Tool Box – 2021

Institution(s): Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

by Kathryn Taylor, Tim Maurer

The SWIFT Institute continues to partner with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to bring you this updated  toolkit to help financial institutions enhance their cyber security. The result is...

PET Research: Case studies of the use of privacy preserving analysis to tackle financial crime

Institution(s): FFIS (The Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing)

by Nick Maxwell

A new discussion paper by Nick Maxwell of FFIS (Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing) provides an overview of developments in the field of privacy preserving analytics and publishes ten case...

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