12 January 2016

WBS PayTech 2016: Technologies of Exchange in a Digital Economy

The SWIFT Institute is proud to be a Network Partner of WBS PayTech 2016

  • Thursday, 4th and Friday, 5th of February 2016
  • Warwick Business School at The Shard, London

What happens if we bring academics and industry practitioners together and think about the important issues and challenges that businesses as well as economies face in todays’ digitised world? Come along to Warwick Business School’s PayTech 2016 to find out.

Payment technologies, electronic fund transfers, and money exchange innovations are at the forefront of the FinTech revolution that drives digital transformation in the financial services sector worldwide. The increased digitalisation of money and payments the last couple of decades means that the vast majority of money in circulation today exists as information, which flows through networks of hardware and software. This ‘transubstantiation’ of money into data has had major implications on the way we process economic transactions but also think about the different practices of value exchange.

In response to these developments, this conference seeks to investigate how everyday media of economic exchange are being transformed in light of the recent innovations in digital networks, open platforms, mobile technologies and payment data analytics applications in both developed and developing economies.

More specifically, three overarching themes will be explored: Networks and Platforms (payment infrastructures, distributed networks, open platforms, sharing economies, etc.); Financial Data and Analytics (risk management, credit scoring, monitoring, information services, operational efficiency, etc.); and Software and Digital Innovation (mobile technology and wearable devices, digital wallets, smart-card technology, card emulators, near-field communication, biometric authentication, cryptography, distributed ledgers, etc.).

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