03 November 2016

The SWIFT Institute awards three new research grants on Cyber Security

The SWIFT Institute has recently awarded three research grants on Cyber Security :

· Taxonomy / Trends / State of the Art Defensive Measures and Evolution of Threats – awarded to James Lewis and William Carter from CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) in Washington DC.

– The research will focus on the key trends that will shape the evolution of malicious actors that target the financial industry, and the tools and techniques that they will employ. It will also identify the current state-of-the-art in defensive measures and analyse how these responses will need to adapt to the evolution of new threats.

· The Insider Cashout Typology: Sharing Threat Indicators of Cyber Fraud via Intelligence Information Reports – awarded to Beth Petrie from Citigroup Inc., and Casey Evans of Kogod School of Business, both in Washington DC.

– The research will aim to enable organizations to use existing telecommunication platforms, such as SWIFT, to communicate cyber fraud threat information by establishing indicators of cashout behaviour, which could warn of cyber fraud activity.

· Taxonomy / Model / How Organisations Can Develop Cyber Resilience Capabilities – awarded to Richard Benham from Coventry University, and Jason Ferdinand from ISKM Ltd, both in the UK.

– The research will aim to capture, summarise, and translate knowledge and understanding of the cyber threat drawn from across academic subject areas and practicing security experts, and to make such work accessible to leaders in both industry and government.

These grants will initially be presented at a special event in London on 30 March 2017 in London. Plans to present the research at other events around the world in 2017 will be forthcoming.

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