09 November 2015

SWIFT Institute Research Summaries

Knowledge is the cornerstone of any business and any business decision. Here at the SWIFT Institute we aim to provide that knowledge through our sponsored research.

Download the SWIFT Institute research summary book at the bottom of this page.

This book contains summaries of 17 of our sponsored research projects, ranging from RMB internationalisation to real-time payments. We also provide an overview of all the research projects we have sponsored and when they are due for completion.  Sign up here on our website so that you automatically receive updates on all new research published, as well as events beyond Sibos where we provide a forum for academia and industry participants to mix.

Originally published at Sibos 2015 in Singapore, we have colour coded the research papers according to the different topic streams to help navigation.  Of course many of the research papers overlap several streams.  At Sibos, the SWIFT Institute hosted a lecture series on the SWIFT Stand.  In this way we continued to bridge the gap between academia and the financial industry by bringing leading academics from some of the world’s best universities (and those working in industry) to lecture on their areas of expertise.

I trust you’ll enjoy reading these summaries, and hope you seek out the full research papers available here on our website.  Feel free to share them.  And if you have ideas for topics impacting our industry that would benefit from academic research, please feel free to contact me.

Peter Ware

Director, The SWIFT Institute

  • Download high resolution version here (2MB).
  • Download low resolution version here (487kb).

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