18 January 2022

SWIFT Institute 2021 Wrap-up

As we enter 2022 with great optimism for the New Year, the key global challenges: the pandemic, the climate crisis, and global supply chain resilience continue to dominate the international debate.

Over 2021, the SWIFT Institute:

  • Published or issued grants for research
  • Sibos delivered an enhanced all-digital event and the SWIFT Institute’s Sibos Academy invited a multitude of reputed academics to the table to debate and share insights
  • Conducted the annual Student Challenge competition, now in its 6th year, inviting students across India to Sibos to address the question of “how can the Indian financial community increase the adoption and use of digital trade transactions to reduce and/or eliminate paper-based trade?”
  • Proud members of the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize, which finalised its 8th edition in 2021
  • Joined the Centre for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies (CRAFT)

Looking forwards to 2022, the SWIFT Institute line-up for planned publications, includes two new research papers addressing CBDCs and the Impact on International Payments and the Trading of Tokenized Assets: Modern Exchange Market Infrastructure.

We look forward to engaging with you as we explore new media and forums of debate, to share and exchange insights fundamental to the financial industry and the adoption of innovative technologies and models for change.

Stay tuned for the next 2022 Q1 SWIFT Institute quarterly update.

Matthew Loos

Director | The SWIFT Institute

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