18 January 2021

PET Research: Case studies of the use of privacy preserving analysis to tackle financial crime

A new discussion paper by Nick Maxwell of FFIS (Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing) provides an overview of developments in the field of privacy preserving analytics and publishes ten case studies of how this technology is being used to tackle financial crime.

Collectively, the case studies demonstrate how financial institutions are exploring and exploiting advances in this field of cryptographic technology to enable analysis of data from across multiple participating organisations to inform financial crime risk awareness, without the need for those organisations to share underlying sensitive data.

The discussion paper is part of a multi-year international study into “The Role of Privacy Preserving Data Analytics in the Detection and Prevention of Financial Crime” led by FFIS, which is affiliated with the RUSI Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies.  The study is an independent research programme supported by the SWIFT Institute.

Download the discussion paper here.


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