27 October 2018

New Call for Proposals on Securing the Future of the Financial Industry Via Improved Gender Diversity

Our industry is rapidly evolving. Technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, AI and APIs present new opportunities as well as challenges. Customer needs are changing, with greater demand for instant payments, transparency of services and increased security. Cyber threats and regulatory requirements to comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing rules place a significant burden on financial organisations and their customers. New entrants to the financial industry in the form of challenger banks and FinTech start-ups compete (and co-operate) with incumbent banks to take advantage of new technologies.

As the financial industry evolves so too must its workforce in order to ensure financial organisations remain relevant in the future. It is more important than ever to attract and retain the best talent to thrive in this environment.

The SWIFT Institute has launched a Call for Proposals on new research to look at “Securing the Future of the Financial Industry Via Improved Gender Diversity”.

The research will be conducted throughout the early part of 2019. And the results will be presented at Sibos London next September.

Download the Call for Proposals here.

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