30 June 2022

Have you seen the Knowledge Briefs?

How’s your knowledge on DeFi, CBDCs and shadow banking?

Are you in the know? Or could you use a refresher?

Expand your financial knowledge by tuning into our Knowledge Brief video series. We’ve recruited industry experts to break complex financial topics down into bite-sized pieces.

So far, we’ve done sessions on:

Defining Digital Assets – Professor Alistair Milne, Loughborough University
Achieving Net Zero – Dr. Nina Seega, Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership, University of Cambridge
What are CBDCs? – Professor Chusu He, University of Bath
What is Shadow Banking? – Professor Babara Casu, Bayes Business School

And there’s more where that came from – don’t miss our upcoming sessions on:

– Delving into DeFi
– The Quantum Threat
– Federated ML
– Duplicate Finance
– Private-private data sharing in FCC
– Thinking Required for the Energy Transition

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And, if you want us to cover a topic that we haven’t already – let us know. See you soon!

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