23 November 2014

Cyber Insiders: A Board Issue

 At the SWIFT Institute’s Cyber Security in the Financial Industry conference on 19 November 2014, Chris Hurran, OBE, Senior Associate Fellow of the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies at University College London, gave the keynote address.  He discussed ways in which financial institutions can mitigate the threat of insider attacks.

Download his presentation from the conference here.

Earlier this year Chris published an article in the Summer edition of Cyber Security Review.  He discusses how cyber security is an issue on the agenda for most boards.  The insider threat generally receives less attention. As a result, the human factors aspects of cyber security can become the weak link in organisations’ cyber defences, leaving the organisations vulnerable and their boards open to criticism and reputational damage. This article explores the subject of cyber insiders and the key measures all boards should take to ensure that their organisation is appropriately protected against this threat.

Download the full article here.


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