02 March 2023

Announcing three new Call for Proposals

Swift Institute is seeking research proposals, due on June 1, on the following topics:

Exchange & Capital Controls: Economic & Efficiency impacts on X-Border Payment

Cross-border payments are more complex than purely domestic ones. They involve more intermediaries, time zones, jurisdictions, and regulations. Another element of friction is Exchange & Capital Controls. This paper aims to understand the use and impact of Exchange & Capital Controls specifically related to (i) economic impact and (ii) speed of settlement within the beneficiary account.

Download this Call for Proposal here

Enabling Financial Inclusion by enabling retail cross border payments

In the race to make retail cross border payments ‘free and instant’, the fragmentation of different models has posed challenges to have a holistic, transparent comparison of models across a consistent set of dimensions. Such a comparison is important to enable the global community to arrive at an objective understanding on the pros and cons of each model, bring down costs and speed to stay competitive, and to develop a roadmap. The aim is to demystify the end-to-end cost, speed and compliance to different value-chain stakeholders, and other dimensions including risk, transparency and liquidity.

Download this Call for Proposal here.

Payments Tokens: a route to optimising liquidity management?

In typical payment flows, Nostro accounts use credit lines to fund accounts. With the adoption of blockchain based transactions through payment tokens, there could be a material reduction in the time to process and complete payments and therefore liquidity costs could also be reduced through lower duration of holding liquidity and so borrowing from those credit lines. This research aims to understand Payments Tokens and how they could unlock value and free liquidity.

Download this Call for Proposal here.

By Nancy Murphy

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