8 - 9 March 2016

SWIFT Nordics Regional Conference


From disruption to real world change

Welcome to the Nordics Regional Conference 2016

The upcoming regional conference will focus on how to effectively harness disruptive trends and deliver practical, real world change to the financial industry. Over the course of two days, the broad-ranging programme will examine challenges and opportunities in the Nordics and beyond, and assess how new technologies, changing business models, and collaborative ways of working pave the way for the future.

The programme will combine keynote speeches and interactive debates to address a number of key questions. What does digitalisation mean for the industry and what is its impact on customer experience? What role will blockchain and distributed ledger technologies play in the future of payments and securities? How fast is the shift towards real-time payments and ISO 20022? What lies behind the hype, and how do these trends apply at industry scale in the real world?

With start-ups and new entrants gaining pace, the programme will discuss critical success factors in the new environment, and assess how incumbent players are shifting gears to become more innovative and competitive. We will discuss and debate how today’s industry leaders’ balance a drive towards innovation with other essential priorities such as the focus on regulatory compliance, and strong defences against cyber-threats.

In the payments sphere, we will discuss the disruption and rejuvenation of correspondent banking, financial crime compliance, the rise of real-time, and the global shift towards ISO 20022 – exchanging on how these developments impact in the Nordics and further afield. On the securities side, sessions will focus on addressing transparency, regulatory reporting, and the application of blockchain, as well as developments in the market infrastructure space.

This year’s agenda will feature a deep dive session brought you by the SWIFT Institute.

SWIFT Institute Session

Payments in the Age of Interconnectivity

  • Kimmo Soramäki of Financial Network Analytics shares ‘network’ maps of global and Nordic payment flows and explains about his work with leading financial and academic institutions worldwide to leverage big data in support of managing risks and finding opportunities. A session brought to you by SWIFT Institute, SWIFT’s research initiative, bridging the gap between academia and the financial industry.
  • Download Dr Soramäki’s research paper here

There will also be plenty of opportunities to meet SWIFT, to understand more about our strategy, and for you to tell us how we can better support you – as well as to network with your industry colleagues from across the Nordic region.

We look forward to welcoming you in Oslo!


8 - 9 March 2016


Ostre Aker vei 33
0509 Oslo